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Flexible Options to Fit Your Needs

SPG Capital’s flexible seller options provide a range of solutions for homeowners looking for a path to sell their home and unlock cash. Whether you are interested in a quick-turn “as-is” sale to move fast, seeking a solution to sell your home but remain in it, or considering options to avoid foreclosure or short sale, the SPG team can help.

Learn more about the options below and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss if one of these paths is the right fit for you.

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Sell Your Home As-Is

Reach out to get a fast, free offer for your home. Whether you owe more than your house is worth, are facing foreclosure, dealing with bad tenants or simply seeking a solution to unlock cash and move quickly, we’re here to help. We’ll buy your home in any condition and you can skip the traditional home sale hassles of maintenance, cleaning and preparing for showings.

  • Quick closings
  • No inspections or repair costs
  • No real estate agent commissions
  • We can close fast or choose any date you prefer
  • We’ll even help you find your dream home!


The New Sale to Leaseback Program
Sell2Stay is focused on helping people stay in their homes, while maximizing the equity they’ve built over time to deliver financial freedom. The process is simple, you sell your home to SPG and use the equity you’ve built to stay in your home rent-free for a period of time.

No need to move and waste valuable time and money. The money you save on future mortgage payments and homeowner fees like taxes and insurance can be used to cover other expenses. Plus, you get to stay in the home and neighborhood you know and love.

Short Sale/Pre-Foreclosure “Work Outs”

If you owe more than the value of your home and are facing pre-foreclosure or short sale, our team can work with you on a sales solution to give you peace of mind and help you regain financial control.

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