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Use Your Home’s Equity to Unlock Financial Freedom

Sell2Stay is a sale and leaseback program that allows you to use the equity in your home to live rent-free and unlock cash. With Sell2Stay you can:

  • Avoid short sale or foreclosure.
  • Skip the costly fees of a reverse mortgage.
  • Eliminate homeowner worries like taxes, maintenance, and HOA fees.
  • Get the money you need now to pay off debt.
  • Unlock cash for expenses like college or healthcare.
  • Simplify your life for retirement and skip the hassles of moving.
  • Stay in the home you love!

How it Works

Step 1

Sell Your Home to SPG

We’ll work with you to determine if Sell2Stay is the right fit and if so, look at the total picture of your home and individual needs to make an offer. Once approved, we purchase your home.

step 2

Stay in Your Home Rent-Free

You get your money right away and can apply it to live rent-free for a period of time. We take care of property taxes, homeowners’ insurance and other fees.

It’s that easy!

The money you save on future mortgage payments can be used to cover other expenses – from college and outstanding debts to healthcare, retirement or whatever you choose.

Want to Learn More?

Our home specialists are here to answer your questions and walk you through the process. Reach out to request a free, no obligation offer and see how much value you can unlock in your home.

Why Choose Sell2Stay

couple sitting on porchNo need to move and lose valuable time or money when you can trade the equity you’ve already built in your home for your future monthly payments.

  • Work with a local SPG home specialist who will walk you through the process.
  • Receive a quick offer and close on a timeline that works best for you.
  • Avoid foreclosure and high fees for alternative loan options.
  • Access your home’s equity to stay rent-free.
  • Avoid ongoing costs for maintenance, taxes and HOA fees.

Sell2Stay is a solution that helps you unlock your cash and stay in the home you’ve created.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sale leaseback?

A “sale leaseback” occurs when a homeowner sells their home to an individual, investor or business and leases it back as a renter. With Sell2Stay, sellers can leverage the equity in their home to stay rent-free for a designated period of time following the sale.

How is the price for my property determined?

We will use the information you provide on your home and insights on the home sales area to determine an initial no obligation offer. If Sell2Stay is the right fit for you, we’ll work together to determine a final purchase price.

How can I stay rent-free after the sale?

Through a custom leaseback agreement Sell2Stay allows homeowners to apply the equity they’ve built in their home over time to live rent-free for a designated period of time after the sale. Once we determine a final sale/purchase price, we can determine the available cash that can be used and establish a custom, rent-free agreement. Sell2Stay offers a path to stop foreclosure, avoid pre foreclosure and the short sale process. It also offers a solution for homeowners looking to maximize the equity in their home to cover expenses or simplify their lifestyle.

What is the transition from selling and renting?

There’s no transition. No need to plan around open houses, showings or other disruptions of a traditional home sale. The transition from homeowner to renter is automatic and you will not be required to leave your home.

How can I be sure I’ll get a fair deal?

Sell2Stay was developed by SPG Capital, a local Central PA-based real estate company. SPG wanted to create a program for the local community that would alleviate financial barriers, unlock available cash and provide a path to stay in their homes. Our team of home specialists will be there to answer your questions and walk you through the process step-by-step to determine if Sell2Stay is the right fit for you.

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